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Car Washes for Baby Boomers

Team Wash Guys Fundraiser article makes it's debut in Baby Boomer's News. BabyBoomer.com is the premier web site and expert on the needs of the Baby Boomer target customer crowd and we really appreciate their support for our communities and clientele.

Baby Boomer Electronic Editor; has this to say:

"The Baby Boomer News does believe the publication, detailed within the next paragraphs, does raise the neighborhood car wash to level five."

You cannot get anymore than five stars or "Level Five" from Baby Boomer News, the number one online site for baby boomers.


Thanks to the efforts of the online equivalent of the AP, ARA-Article Resource Association, picked up this article after it ran in Baby Boomer News and sent it to be viewed by over twelve hundred media outlets, over a four month period.

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