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WashGuys Formally Announce Another Year with Isuzu Trucks

00000000000000000020403_4.jpg (15871 bytes)WashGuys Founder Lance Winslow and his Advisory Team have unanimously agreed to another year with Isuzu Trucks. Isuzu Trucks are also GMC Trucks, only difference the decal package, GMC's cost another $600.00 for the additional decal package, but the exact same unit.

Much went into the choice including such things as vendor financing from the manufacturer. GMAC has been good to our team over the past three years. We also visited three trade shows in which we discussed with after market companies their favorite choice for work truck platforms to install their equipment on. The President's Son of one recently approved vendor said flat out "Sure we can build you units on a Isuzu chassis" further stating those little trucks are bullet proof. We too have had little problems with our team and their Isuzu trucks.

About our biggest problem was when the 2001 models switched to in-frame fuel tanks which made it difficult to fuel the trucks from the bed height. We quickly made those changes and that was the last issue we remember. Fuel economy is great, no engine problems or mechanical issues of any real significants and hundreds of thousands of miles around towns of all sizes proved we had made the best choice.

today we are sticking with that decision. Who came in second? Ford with their excellent Ford Motor Credit Commercial Leases and F250, F350, F450 and F550. As many of you know we at the WashGuys allow freedom of choice for the style and truck or van requested by our franchisees and team members, but if you ask straight out, we will answer Isuzu. And Ford is a strong second.

We visited the ports and found ample supply and we are re-assured as CCJ-Commercial Carrier Journal, who has previously written about us, also acknowledged our findings in the 2003 Annual Light and Medium Weight Truck Survey. In all categories Isuzu either won or was in the top three. In every single category. Turning radius, visibility, reliability, easiest to build on, best in climatic weather, fuel economy, etc. The only category it even came close to not winning was the bumpy ride on non-improved roads. So once again we choose Isuzu. And we would like to point out for those our team who did not make Isuzu purchases when upgrading or expanding their fleet of service vehicles; "We Told You So !!!"

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