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Mobile Oil Change Trucks Approved

Team WashGuys announces it's latest approved vendor South West, CO. WashGuys have been working on a special project for a few years now and we are getting ready to launch the Oil Change Guys Franchise Brand. The prototypes have been approved by our founder, Mr. Winslow. We have made a few modifications, since our team will have some special needs.

As many of you know some of the things our team does best is finding out what the needs of our customers are and then developing those concepts for a seamless bundling of services from one company, namely WashGuys. Our customers prefer one company to do their services. And of course we are in the service business and we deliver to the customer what they want.

We have been working with many large scale vendors over the past eight years as we build what we believe is the best team to support our team as they support our customers. It is never an easy job to do, it takes hard work and dedication. South West understands that and they have been giving such great services to the Oil Change Industry for over 30 years.

The Oil Change Guys brand will of course compliment The Truck Wash Guys Brand, which specializes in Truck Fleet Washing, Detailing, rail car washing, container washing and Bus Washing. The Oil Change Guys also compliments the Boat Wash Guys  which was designed to clean and detail vessels of all types and to provide winterization services and bilge area cleaning. The Oil Change Guys is also a compliment to The Tractor Wash Guys  designed to help farmers, construction companies, mining and other heavy industries service their equipment. Now the Oil Change Guys has a built in market base whose customers want and need additional services.

We are proud to have struck a deal with South West and are currently working on a few large products which will co-brand with the auto industry and current and future customers of The Car Wash Guys.

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