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The Car Wash Guys of Montana and Team Wash Guys Start Services in Missoula

The Car Wash Guys of Montana are now offering services in Fleet Washing Services in Missoula, MT. Our first customer is the largest Recreational Vehicle Dealer and Service Center in the State, Brets RV.

The owner of Brets RV gave a personal phone call to Car Wash Guys Founder Lance Winslow yesterday. He said;

"WOW-I do not know where you get such great people, but that crew out here today just did a terrific job. They just left and the lot looks great and the price was more than fair. I thought you should know that, you probably here the complaints and I wanted to call and tell you how happy I am."

Well, we do not get many complaints as it goes and the ones we do we take care of immediately, but considering Brets RV is known throughout several states and Canada for having great customer service, that is quite a compliment for our team. It is so great to see such an incredible unity in the market place. We are now offer fleet washing services in all of Montana's Larger cities and many smaller ones; Billings, Butte, Bozeman, Helena and now Missoula. The smaller cities include Livingston, Anaconda, Big Sky and Belgrade.

Check out Montana Team Wash Guys Website also DBA The Car Wash Guys of Montana. http://www.washguy.com/mt/index.shtml.

We want to thank the Team and of course Aunt Louise for her inspiration in making this all possible. http://www.washguy.com/mt/auntlouise.shtml.

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