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Q2 Internet Traffic Goes Ballistic

Scram-Jet Powered WashGuys Website Traffic is on an Aurora X-Plane Trajectory.  With After burners blazing in the North American skies, our Q2 web traffic is outperforming our best guess scenarios, proformas and projections on an early victory in the war against International Competitors who have threatened our team. 

We have to thank our International Web Team for their efforts to produce an award winning site:  http://www.carwashguys.com/awards.html .

Here are the latest results of our performance in the virtual world as we command respect and marketing prowess.  This second reciprocal response comes on the heels of Car Washing Magazines claim to be the busiest website in the Car Washing Industry.  Their site CarWash.com did extremely well and they are hereby commended as incredible marketeers on the net.  Well surpassing 80% of all industry trade journal websites.  But as far as them being the busiest website in this industry, well we beg to differ.  Our Founder's Family Crest states:  "Truth Crushed to the Ground Shall Rise Again."  And so it shall and here are the results and the truth be known;

Are we stopping here, now that we are number one?  No, actually hell no.  We are still in the beginning of this war on the net.  What are we doing next?  We are adding Full Video to our site on the history section, carwash ordering page, and environmental sections.  We are adding a picture gallery of WashGuy Trucks from 23 states along with pictures of our history to be included.  All within the next month and those web projects scheduled for completion before end of Q2.

Here is where we are now;

67,327 62,346 140,832 up 160,506

Reach per million users:

15 10.5 4.8 up 167%

Reach rank:

68,246 92,989 160,458 up 143,486

Page Views for carwashguys.com

Page Views per user:

4.0 11.3 8.4 up 87%

Page Views rank:

75,238 45,059 99,515 up 160,814

Let's face it, if it has to do with car washing or research on the industry you can find it here.  We wish to again commend our team for their Internet Expert Status and ability to move fast at the speed of thought. 

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