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Car Wash Guys Web-site Tops All Other Industry Web Sites

Car Wash Guys Official Website, which you are currently viewing has surpassed Carwash.com and is now the busiest and most viewed website in the Car Wash Industry in the World. That means our site is viewed by more people than any car wash website on the Planet in the history of mankind. In other words it means our web team has blown out of the water every single other car wash website owned by any human species in the Solar System or Galaxy.

How big is this accomplishment? Well there are 5 Industry Magazines with a total of 180,000 in circulation. There are Car Wash Chains, which have over 50 car washes left in the dust. We have Gas Station-Oil Company Brands with over 8,000 roll-over car washes in the US which are amongst the Top 30 companies in the World all being lapped by us. There are estimated over 18,000 Full service car washes with over 75% having their own web sites, see ya, not even in the running. There are estimated over 22,000 coin-op car washes in the country, yes all sitting as far back as the starting line.

What does this mean to our team? It means more potential car wash customers go to our web site, than any other site. This means more sales and car washes for our team over the competition. It means more movers and shakers, procurement personal, purchasing agents and policy makers come here first. It means if there is something to wash we will be the ones to wash it.

The Fact is, that if you are looking for any kind of washing on the Internet, you will find us. And if we operate in your area, you have already seen the yellow trucks. On the Internet or in the Real World, Car Wash Guys are omni-present. We call it The Power, The Power of Presence.

All the Car Wash Guys wish to thank our Ominous Web Team for making us Number One on the NET. God Bless 1's and Zero's and Binary Code. And God Bless "The Cyprus Group."

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