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Wyoming Fire Academy, Wyoming

Due to the terrible drought in WY for the last five years and all the dry brush we decided it was appropriate to visit the Wyoming Fire Academy. This is where all the firefighters are trained to fight all kinds of fires; wild brush fires, forest fires, chemical and Hazmat situations and structure fires. On the campus are several mock buildings and special simulated fire situations.

Also within the campus is the Wyoming Fire Fighters Memorial, when fires get out of control accidents happen. Several Forest Fires this year already have killed fire fighters. Last year many fire fighters lost their lives in NYC and in the Western States Wild Fires in all Western States. It is quite possible that there maybe more lives lost fighting fires this year. We should have respect for these fire fighters. As we read all the names of the lost lives fighting fires in WY, we thought wow, each one of these was a real person and family shattered in their noble efforts to protect lives and property. It is known that fire fighting is one of the most dangerous professions. If you have ever toured a Veterans Memorial Site or cemetery you have some indication of what we are talking about. If you haven't shame on you, you should go this week.

Wash Guys salute the fire fighters of this nation as they battle the monster fires, rescue kids from burning structures and are always there when you really need a hand. Thank you for all you are and all you give, everyday, from the WashGuys. http://www.carwashguys.com/911.shtml.