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Wright Wyoming

Wright, Wyoming is situated perfectly between Gillette, WY and Douglas, WY on the beautiful scenic trip on HWY 59 in Wyoming. All truck deliveries from Denver MetroPlex to Gillette travel this road as well as trucks on the way to Western South Dakota and North Dakota. There are two car washes on the East Side of Town and a huge truck stop. Also in town is a fully stocked pond/lake for fishing, which is well used by many residents from the surrounding areas. click here for more 

We believe we should put in a Wash Guys Franchise in Wright to capture all the washing needed by it's residents, ranchers, tourists, truckers and travelers. If you ever go to Wright named after Mr. Wright a local rancher and large land owner, check out the Wright Museum, we did, notice the large Mining Dump Truck out front. Yes, it needs a wash, we saw that too.