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Worland Wyoming

Worland, Wyoming is in Big Horn County. There is a very nice car wash in town which has a Laser Wash System and Coin-op attached. It is capable of washing nearly everything and is open 24/7. It is not used as much as is needed considering the number of dirty cars. We believe that this town is perfect for Team Wash Guys Wyoming. Here we are stopped by the Chamber for a little additional information after driving around the city twice. http://www.worlandchamber.com/. In Worland the Bowers have the agricultural business sewn up and there are plenty of other people making use of the agricultural industry there, for instance Coors grows barley there. Devon Energy is also there making use of underground energy. Holly Sugar is also there harvesting the major crop of Sugar Beets. Also there is lots of Bentonite used in Kitty Litter and other purposes such as environmental spill control for shop floors and gas stations. Wyoming Gas is there as well. All in all there is good money flow there as well as jobs and lots of volunteerism as the town really sticks together.

We believe this small town to be of significant value to WashGuys.