United States Tour

Wilsonville, Oregon

Here we are blocking traffic and upsetting the yuppie's as we get a picture by the Wilsonville City sign after cruising through the town looking for opportunistic marketing areas. And yes although the locals are all yuppied out, they do spend money and they drive many nice cars. We like the market. After all anyone who drives in the passenger seat in a mini-van and has time to yell out the window to someone who is blocking traffic during a red light when no one is moving for one minute when they are in a different lane, really has no business washing their own car, they are much to uppity.

However it is this type of consumer with 2.2 kids, white picket fence, college degrees, BMW, min-van and credit card debt that will spend their last dollar on the Car Wash Guys service. God Bless those crazy insane yuppies. We love you, even if you cannot keep your middle finger from the top of your signal list. You know come to think of it I really like people in dirty cars, so who cares which fingure they say hi with, I simply rub my thumb and index and middle fingers together while I was and that means pay up Please !!! HA HA HA.

Wilsonville is growing big time.

And so is the next county over; near Portland;