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Williston North Dakota

Williston, North Dakota is a cool town, actually it is cold, in the Winter. But in the summer it is probably some of the best weather in the world and could be compared to WA, OR CA coastal regions for comfort. In the winter you will need block heaters for your car, down jackets and snow shovels. Williston is a North Dakota 2002 Awarded "Red Ribbon City" which is a great honor in North Dakota. Williston has one the award and one visit to the city and a quick talk with the residents and you can see why.

Williston, North Dakota is known for it's grain and oil reserves. Those are the two industries which started it all. Today there are all kinds of business which participate in their economy. Except a good mobile car wash company. Why not? Because you have not started one there yet, that's why not.

Check out the Chamber of Commerce web site, we visited the chamber there and we were duly impressed.