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Thermopolis Wyoming

Thermopolis, Wyoming is home of the World's Largest Mineral Hot Springs. Also in town is a Dinosaur Exhibit worth a look see. The Chamber of Commerce is very active promoting the small businesses in town which employ 80% of the population here. http://www.thermopolis.com/. We were going to take some pictures but soon learned the pictures were already on the Internet at this site; http://www.thermopolis.com/photo_pg.html so we decided to see the sites and enjoy ourselves with the rest of the many tourists who come each year to bath and slide in the Hot Springs, go to the Wax museum, see the dinosaur exhibit and participate in spending money with all the small businesses in town.

The Economic Development Association points of bright future as well. http://server1.thermopedc.com/. A Car Wash Guys in this city would certainly be at the high end of the average pay scale as depicted by TEDA. And even if they were not the standard of living and low costs to live well in Thermopolis makes it a wonderful place to live and grow.

As a matter of fact the more we study the economics of "Thermopolis" as the local Wyoming residents call it, the more we like it; http://www.americanoutback.com/.