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Ocotillo Power Plant Start Center & Solar Research CenterIn an effort to determine the best way for Wash Guys to help with the energy situations in the U.S., Wash Guys visited the Tempe, Arizona Research Center.

It is our belief that there are no shortages in the universe...no shortages on the planet.  We feel it is a distribution problem.   There is more than enough energy.  What is needed is better and more efficient ways to collect, harvest, distribute, and conserve it.

Our founder toured the facilities at the Tempe Research Center and discussed options. The only way to stay number one is to always stay on the leading edge.  We are designing an air-cushioned wash vehicle, and an LPG car wash truck.  We even discussed GPS systems on each truck run by solar power.  Below is a picture of just a few of the current projects at the Octillo Power Plant and Star Center & Solar Research Center.

Researching new and improving old power sources.

Anyone interested in this project should call for a guided tour.

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