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St Anthony, Idaho

St. Anthony, ID is a good market for washing services in that it has a lot of everything. Constant tourist traffic, lots of farming and there is dirt every where. Here we are parked out front of the Court house paying a parking ticket. It is really difficult to stay between the parking lanes down town when you are 75 feet long in the Blitz Mobile. however we are happy to pay to help the up keep and the revitalization down town project. The areas economic development department puts such funds to good use. And we will more than make up for it once we get the contract to wash the city vehicles. St Anthony is noted for it's Juvenile Detention Center which is filled with wannabe Neo Nazi kids, who need a place to blow off steam and grow up. click here for more .

We enjoyed our stay in St Anthony, a town of nearly 3400 people now and growing. With it's neighboring communities of Teton, New Dale, Chester, Parker and Sugar City it puts the area at about 5800 people which makes it perfect for an additional area for a Rexburg Franchisee and adding in Ashton, ID or a smaller mini franchise with the Ashton area attached. You ever wonder where some of the best farm land in ID is? Guess no further, the Teton Valley has it all. It has great top soil and if you will remember the Teton Flood stories you can rest assured that they have water supply to continue farming for quite some years to come. click here for more.