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Soda Springs, Idaho

Soda Springs, Idaho has the water supply to support a car wash franchise. As you can see this new car wash is quite beautiful and up scale. The economic outlook for the Soda Springs area is rather good.

The population is increasing and is doing so with a higher end economic status resident.

If you will note the Soda Springs area is named for it's Geyser which goes off every hour, for perfect clock setting.

We believe this would make a most excellent franchise for someone and we would add in the next city over for a great market area. Perhaps a franchise which included; Conda, Lava Hot Springs, Grace, George Town, Bancroft, and Henry, Idaho. This would give the franchisee presence needed to service the needs and desires of the great people of that region.

The Soda Springs City Council says it welcomes new service businesses which provide jobs and employment and encourage cleanliness for it's well established tourist trade.