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Rexburg, Idaho

Rexburg is situated between Idaho Falls, Idaho and Yellowstone Park in Wyoming. It's population 18,500, is expanding as families wish to find safe havens to raise their kids without the intercity gangs or drugs. Their are no Neo Nazis living there, and the school system is rated high. The town has decent weather for that region and it is surrounded by fertile farm lands. Click here for the Rexburg Website.

The people in Rexburg are wonderful and the higher end job base is good with the diversified business sectors and the Government Research Center near by.

Rexburg is also home to the famous Melaleuca Multi-Level Marketing Company (a World Wide MLM Company) and Basic American Foods (namely Frozen Potato Products) that you buy every week at the grocery store. . Also in Rexburg is AMET which contracts as NASA's special high tech welding facility which welds various alloy materials for space flight. But there is so much to wash in Rexburg and really there is no competition. So it is about time that WashGuys got serious about North Eastern Idaho.