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Rapid City South Dakota

Many people overlook Rapid City, South Dakota as a viable market, but not us. http://www.rcgov.org/.

Just because Rapid City, SD is considered the Gateway to the Mt Rushmore National Park does not mean it does not have it's own economy. Rapid City is near three other states, WY, MT and North Dakota right on the I-90 FWY. http://www.hpcnet.org/cgi-bin/global/a_bus_card.cgi?SiteID=119137  

Considering South Dakota can be a harsh Winter Climate area, Rapid City does not have as bad a winter as her northern neighbor in Bizmark, ND. http://www.crh.noaa.gov/unr/

It is also home to Ellsworth AFB providing many well paying jobs. http://www.ellsworth.af.mil/default.shtml also home to one of the famous B-1 Bomber Squadrons. Also of value is the totally cool Air Force Musuem there, very much worth a look see when you get to town. Rocks are great too, but how amout the super sonic museum of Air Force Jets?