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Powell Wyoming

Here we are in Powell, Wyoming and it was 105 degrees. It usually does not get that hot, but on this day it sure was and every bit of it too. Powell, WY is known for many things in the region. We are parked out side of the Chamber of Commerce and Visitor's Center after stalking up on Cool Aide at the grocery store behind the Chamber Building. Everyone in Powell is good people, they do not come any better than that. But everyone in Wyoming is real, not fake and phony, down to Earth and friendly and they mean it. What a pleasure to learn more about the town in hopes of having a franchise there to serve the great people of Powell. We found out the Powell was named one of the top ten All American Cities in 1994 and we understand why. http://www.powellchamber.org/.

Powell is serious about their Economic Development, http://main.wavecom.net/~redecash/alliance.html and there is a lot there to be serious about. Powell has been growing quite nicely fro the past ten years and continues it's expansion today. The county has a little over 29,000 in it and the city limits about 6300. It makes for a nice place to do business where everyone knows your name. It is a Car Wash Guys type of town. It also has plentiful Labor from Norwest College with about 1200 yearly students. And if that is not enough it also has some of the best weather in all of WY. Powell also has abundant water and is connected to the Showshone Reservoir System. Many tourists stop each year to visit the city and that means motor home washing too. Powell is an agricultural town for the most part and also hosts many herds of sheep and cattle. With the irrigation under control and lots of water, almost anything grows there, and it grows well.

We were amazed at all the dirty cars and trucks in the city with only one coin-op car wash to service everyone. Perfect for WashGuys.