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Pendleton, Oregon

Pendleton, Oregon is a great city for WashGuys and we could certainly go for a great franchisee there. The market is actually nearby several other small areas and many rural farm communities. We believe a 40 mile radius of the area would provide a most excellent market for WashGuys.

Pendleton has very decent weather for the area, it is a very patriotic town and we see it growing. It's annual fair and rodeo brings in about 1/2 million people over the week long event and it is nearby many other smaller towns such as, Mission, Helix, Athena, Rieth, Weston, Adams and Milton-Freewater. 

The city itself gets much income from travelers and tourists which come and spend money there as they travel from Walla Walla Washington to the I-84. Many people use I-84 from Boise to Portland. It is a major truck route as well. The city is very well run and the tax base is lower than in most parts of OR and certainly half that of it's neighboring Washington cities.  As a matter of fact the city is using some high-tech methods to increase well water supplies and number of containments per million in the spring wells just East of the city. Either way Wash guys could easily pick up water at Milton Freewater along the main river if things got tough, so we are very bullish on the city of Pendleton.