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Hydrogen  Dispenser

SunLine Bus Systems is experimenting with many different alternative fuels. Pictured above is a hydrogen dispenser for a hydrogen cell bus they operate. They actually have several such units now running. Learn more: www.hfcletter.com, www.hydrogen.org, www.h2fc.com, and www.spinglass.net/scooters.


Hythane is another alternative fuel being used in commercial operations in the desert cities by SunLine. SunLine's buses are very clean. For more inforation on Hythane: www.gsenet.org/library/07eng/hythane-.txt .

Natural Gas

Natural gas, a cleaner burining fuel is being used in thousands of thousands of vehicles in the U.S. including many bus systems and government vehicles. After years of service, natural gas fueled engines have undergone the changes necessary to increase life expectancy.

To convert a car of pick-up to natural gas costs about $1,300.

The Blitz Mobile

Maybe one day the Blitz Mobile III might run on an alternative fuel. We hop so.