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Ohio State CapitalOHIO


In downtown Columbus is the old building and Capitol for Ohio. Ohio is really known for the three "C"s:

  • Cleveland

  • Columbus

  • Cincinnati

But do not discount Akron and Toledo. SparklewashAll very awesome markets. In Marysville is the Honda USA plant and race track proving grounds. Columbus has the Ricart Automall, largest in the country. Our big competitor in the U.S. is located in Cleveland. Sparklewash. Ohio is probably one of the top 10 states for our concept to excel in.

Ohio has done extremely well in promoting   free enterprise in the state, mostly due to their Federal Trade Zones. Ohio is considered an anti-truck state and was voted the second worst state for trucks and ridiculous truck regulations. Only one state was ranked worse and that was California. One ticket Ohio D.O.T. loves to write is "excessive grease." But that is good for us because we clean it. www.truckwashguy.com Also with truck speed limits at 55 mph. There are 15% more trucks on Ohio's freeway at any given time. Again that is good for us.