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North Platte Nebraska

Here we are in front of the North Platte Area Chamber of Commerce http://www.northplattechamber.com/, Economic Development Center http://www.grownorthplatte.org/ and SBDC sub office in our quest to seek out information on potential car wash markets.

We learned a number of things about North Platte during our visit. North Platte sits on the largest underground water supply aquifer in North America, nearly dead center of it. It does not look as if Global Warming will affect North Platte's water supply anytime this millennium. North Platte is sitting on top of the biggest part of the aquifer. http://www.pantex.com/ds/pxeisc1.htm. This is good news for WashGuys, it means we will not run out of water to wash cars there.

We found that the weather considering you are in Nebraska is exceptionally hospitable for our type of business. http://www.wunderground.com/US/NE/North_Platte.html and http://www.crh.noaa.gov/lbf/

The City Council is very pro-business, especially pro-small business and works well with the Chamber of Commerce to provide the right atmosphere to foster this sector. http://www.ci.north-platte.ne.us/. This maybe why unemployment is only 1.7%, hard work ethic and strong business support seems to be driving this small but thriving community. Perfect for WashGuys.