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Murdo South Dakota

Murdo South Dakota is a great town with really nice people who have many dirty cars, trucks, pick-ups and horse trailers. It is right along I-80. Pictured here is there famous Antique Auto Museum, Convention Center and Hotel. The Dukes of Hazzard's "General Lee" is there. So is one of Elvis Presley's personal motorcycles. Every month new cars, trucks and tractors show up.

We enjoyed the town very much. To learn more about this great home town check out these sites:

There is always lots to do in Murdo, South Dakota. We visited the 1880 Town and tourist point of interest West of town by 10 miles, on the way East towards Murdo and later Pierre the capital of South Dakota.

With all the tourism and travel trailers, there is always someone coming through town covered in travel dirt.