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Montrose, Colorado

Montrose, Colorado has a significant population base to support a WashGuys franchise. The city is very beautiful and is a great market, good economy and lots of volunteerism. The city is very tight with support for all. The city runs well and is growing and the people are the kind you would want as your next door neighbor, except they all are driving dirty cars which is an eye sore unless you are a WashGuy.

Beautiful mountains, gracious lakes and wicked canyons, the people in Montrose live in paradise, truly, you need to go check it out sometime. But until then check out this web site and you can see what we mean when we say now, you can live and work in paradise, all you need is a Washguys truck.

There are three car washes in town that are coin-op, one with a roll-over and one at a gas station which is a roll-over car wash and another which is a full serve, however even in this town of 16,000 all survive and no one is loved more than Dominic, who clearly owns the market there. While we were talking people kept coming up to schedule car washes and detailing at their homes and of course they not only know Dominic by name they love his work. Dominic is fortunate to also wash fro the judges in town, code enforcement, city hall vehicles and the mayor and mayor pro-tem and three city council people. No wonder the local city attorney was caught short when she tried to pass an ordinance which would cause irreparable damage to small business people. We read the proposed ordinance and it was so vague it would literally prevent people from washing the leaves off their porches. We are proud of Dominic for his efforts to prevent onerous government from destroying small business so they can get free kudos from local environmentalists who have moved in from California and try to change the atmosphere of America's smallest and friendliest towns.

In Montrose we actually met Dominic LaJoy of Wash and Wheels who is a responsible mobile wash and detail expert. He has recently been able to stop an ordinance sponsored by the fixed site car washes that would have literally almost banned mobile car washes and detailing. We salute the strong perseverance of his efforts to protect free enterprise and the environment. Dominic's wife actually went to high school with the founder and she has instrumental in supporting her husband who is a the town favorite when it comes to car washing and detailing.