United States Tour

Minot, North Dakota

Minot, North Dakota is known for it's Missile Air Force Base, which is just North West of town. In the Cold War years Minot led the nation as the big ICBM Base. As a matter of fact there are secret missile silos all over North Dakota. Also in South Dakota, which actually has a ICBM silo which has converted into a very nice museum to show us what the Cold War was really about.

Minot has some very nice weather in the summer time, in the winter it gets so cold you would freeze your nuts off. You have to be very tough to live all year around in Minot, ND. We enjoyed our visit this year which was obviously in the summer time as you can tell in this photo, had it been in the winter time all you would see is snow and slush and our team in a bunch of heavy duty Arctic Circle style jackets.

We are interested in putting a team member in Minot, probably not a franchise, but a licensee working under our brand name handling our accounts of national size which have locations in the area.