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Mills, Wyoming

Mills, Wyoming is one of the cities in Wyoming that WashGuys service, it is just North Of Casper, WY. Mills is home to the original Fort Casper before the town was built. Mills is a small town but it adds to the County Population surrounding Casper WY and also including cities like Evansville and Alcove. It is definitely a tourist area with the huge influx of travels each year. It is estimated that nearly 1 million people per year visit the Casper area, on their way to such destinations as Yellowstone National Park, Great Mineral Springs at Thermopolis and Cody Buffalo Bill Museums.

Mills has many businesses that we service and fleet accounts there. It is also home of the Mining Association of WY. Over the years the Mining Association has had a bit of a tough time due to the closing of 8 Uranium Mines and three Copper mines in the state. However WY is still the largest producer of Bentonite in the World and it is shipped out by rail car. 26.35% of Wyoming residents are employed by mining, natural gas or oil drilling or related services to those industries. Mills, WY is a town which significantly contributes to such statistics, making it a great town for WashGuys.

Of course as you can see, we loved the history as much as the business to be had there for Team Wash Guys