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Lovell Wyoming

Here in Lovell, Wyoming is a Veteran's Memorial Center. As you can see the message is clear, "Freedom is not Free." In other words America, it is your job to maintain all that we are and all that we have built to make this the greatest country in the World. I guess that one statement just about sums it up. With that type of an attitude, I bet Lovell ought to have about the best and most patriotic car wash customers in America.

We did find a car wash on Main Street, pretty nice one too. With five small towns within 15 miles the County ought to make a pretty nice little franchise for someone who has hard work ethic and wants to own their own business. The main industries in Lovell are bentonite with three mines near by and Sugar Beets. We enjoyed our stay in Lovell, Wyoming, the people are nice and they need car washes badly.

Lovell has a big LDS population of early settlers dating back to 1879. There is an LDS Church in all the surrounding cities and everyone is very friendly. If you ever get to Lovell you have to go on the Cat Hunter Charter of Big Horn National Recreation Area, the Canyon is incredible. http://www.cathuntercharters.com/.   Tell them the Car Wash Guys sent you.

Today the economy does great in Lovell hiring people for Manufacturing, retail, Agriculture and Mining, very well diversified and that means money flow is readily available for car washing.