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Los Angeles Car Wash Tour

We visited 37 car washes in Los Angeles, CA. Our demographics and data searches show 157 car washes in L.A. serving over 3.65 million people. The greater L.A. area including Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, South Bay, and the San Fernando Valley hold nearly 15 million Americans, with an average of 2.2 cars per household. Car washes in these areas service less than 6% of the car washes administered. This is why we say "We love L.A., We love it!". Yes! even the traffic, would you look at all those potential customers.

We visited The Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, CA searching for students to help us further develop our corporate image to our customers. From TV to brochures, from our trucks to our logos, even our web presence, we have learned that "Image is everything".

We also visited The Skirball Center. The Skirball Jewish Center is a great cultural "Must See" in Los Angeles. Right across the way from The Getty Center which we have also visited. We feel it's important to learn and understand the heritage of all of our francisees. And we salute our Jewish franchisees.