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Lewis and Clark Museum

The Lewis and Clark Museum on Hwy 85 in North Dakota is awesome and a must see for all travelers to learn the importance of the Lewis and Clark expedition and why it was commissioned by Thomas Jefferson to find and Northern Water Route across the top of the United States. Unfortunately there is no Northern Water Route, but Lewis and Clark persevered across the Northern States with 80 people and found a few great trails that today are major highways freeways and many cities dot their original trail. They also found many rivers which flow from East to West and West to East from North to South that they used. There are many great Lewis and Clark Museums across the Northern States, but this is by far one of the best in North Dakota. there have been many famous people who have been associated with North Dakota. North Dakota is known as Roughrider Country because of the horseback antics of Teddy Roosevelt, the state's temporary resident. For more information on this highly publicized expedition check out this site; Click Here For More.