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Lake City, Utah

Lake City, Utah is Raspberry Capital of the World. Actually the whole region around Bear Lake is. Bear Lake is along the Eastern Idaho and Eastern Utah border just ten miles from Wyoming. Although the lake is down now by over 22%, it is expected to somewhat recover during the spring of 2003 and the El Nino blitz of rain which should provide adequate snow pack in the region. There are two main occupations besides the tourists in Lake City. Raspberries and Cattle. Along the other side of the lake are rich oil and gas reserves on the Wyoming side. And in Garden City, Utah just five miles up the road is an intense vacationing condo complex for lake goers and tourists. On every corner in Garden City you can buy one of the regions world famous "Raspberry Shakes." We like the area for it's income flow from tourists, RV Parks and getaway homes for city folks. There are five big LDS Churches along the lake for the many year round residents. Just up the road is Paris. Paris, Idaho that is, with expensive homes and cattle ranches.

The entire region is excellent for a WashGuys team Member. We only found one car wash and it was a do-it-yourself coin op car wash that was not large enough for the regions many tourists, with their RV's, SUV's and trailer Campers.