United States Tour

La Barge, Wyoming

LaBarge, Wyoming has a car wash. It is a small town with lots of ranches and oil fields. Major employer is Haliburton Oil Field Services. With a small city limit population of 500 there is not a whole lot of need for a full service car wash, although many of the locals thought that the Car Wash guys idea was cool and people would love it. Ms. Ann Alexander has a dirty car which needed to be washed. We saw many of the movers and shakers of the town who all had dirty cars there. LaBarge, Big Piney, Calpet, and Marbelton ought to be a pretty good market for someone in the area. We did meet a new Detail-Oil Change Shop just starting out in Big Piney. The father and son team had big plans to set up the areas detailing clientele. We believe they are correct and they said they were detailing cars for $100.00 and had enough work to keep them busy every day. It is surprising how some concepts just work great in smaller markets where everyone knows your name.

After studying the entire area we are bullish on that region in Wyoming and therefore will be rather particular in who we choose to represent our team there.