United States Tour

Kennewick, Washington

Kennewick, Washington is a great market with actual a tri-city are which also include Pasco and Richland.

We visited the town and saw that there are quite a few Car Washes there. In Pasco there are 4 coin-ops and two full serves. In Kennewick there are three full serves and 4 coin-ops. Pictured here are a few of the main players in town.

We also stopped in to talk to the locals at the Coffee Shop, Espresso World. Everyone one in Kennewick seems to be great people and very helpful. It seems even with all the car washes in town and the price wars started by Mister Carwash, that the market sector of carwashes is alive and well. .

It appears quite obvious that this area could become a mega-WashGuy Franchise or it could be divided into two or three franchises working in multiple market sectors and all would do fine with the population, growth, availability of labor and diversified economy. We will be actively pursuing a franchise or Team Member in this area.