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Kemmerer, Wyoming

The crossroads town of Kemmerer, Wyoming makes for a great place to set up a business. Of course apparently we are not the first to discover the economic vitality of this area. It seems that we are exactly 100 years behind another great company that proved it was a great market. It is home to the World's First J.C. Penny Store in 1902. Well we like to do our market research and make sure towns are ready for our level of service and quality and we feel that 100 years is a good enough test for us. We are currently seeking franchisees in Kemmerer, Wyoming.

But even before that the Dinosaurs picked Kemmerer, Wyoming as a natural place to live.

As many of you know WashGuys realize that the Dinosaurs were very smart as to where they pick to live. click here

Let me tell you if Kemmerer is good enough for the Dinosaurs who lived 50 million years ago, they ought to know something about the area, it's water supplies and resources. I think we will go with that. And just incase the Dinosaurs were incorrect in their reasoning for living there, J.C. Penny cannot be, because when they started there was no such thing as "Accounting Irregularities," because either customers wanted what you had and bought it or they simply went somewhere else or went without. So for these reasons and the current economic forecasts we are bullish on Kemmerer, WY. We believe a co-marketing area of Kemmerer and Diamondville, WY which are side by side and connecting cities would make one hell of a good franchise territory for a hardworking and deserving individual.