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Grand Junction, Colorado

Grand Junction, Colorado is a large town at the edge West Rockies in Colorado and is known for it's wineries amongst the many year round tourists. Click here for the visitors center website

The Economic Development Association has done a good job of capturing sound development to the area as well and in conjunction with the chamber of commerce have some pretty good news to report for the area. One powerful thing that Grand Junction has going for it is the expansion on the North Side and Industrial on the North West Side. Also the Mesa State College is there with several thousand hard working students who are in need of part time employment and are eager to work very hard between studies.

The Chamber and the City work well together. The City has done a great job of turning this once railroad and mining town into a strong city and good economic base. The city has grown with extreme responsibility and is still growing. There are many car washes in town and one large full service car wash which has recently shut down thus making it an excellent time to move into the market to capture this market share which has been left on the table.

If you ever go there check out the river front trail and take a 30 minute Presidential jog along the beautiful scenic trail. We are very bullish on getting a franchisee in the area there to help wash all the dirty tourist motor homes and cars of the fine residents of Grand Junction.