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Gillette, Wyoming
Gillette is a Coal Mine town as you can see the coal mine is extremely active and coal cars move out of the plant about twice per day. Gillette is growing and we now service large fleets in that town, The truck Wash Guys. We are looking for a franchisee to wash cars their. There are a few car washes in town but no real full service car washes like in other parts of the country. A couple of roll-overs and a few self-serves like this one here.


WashGuys have been on every highway and been to every town in the entire state of Wyoming. We have found that the entire state is filled with dirty vehicles. We wash for large oil and gas companies such as Kinder Morgan and others there.

The Gillette, Wyoming Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation of Gillette is serious about bringing good jobs and responsible growth to the area, and so far it is working well as Gillette is growing nicely. We see a day when Gillette will surpass Cheyenne as the largest city in Wyoming. Gillette is currently number three and very soon it should be number two if the Tiger Files and charts from the census are correct, it will happen in 2011 about the time of the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Gillette Chamber of Commerce and Communities of the area would also like to say a few words about starting a new business in town here; click here.