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El Cajon Chamber of Commerce

WashGuys visit the El Cajon, California Chamber of Commerce (City of El Cajon, Chamber of Commerce) to discuss the many "For Sale" signs of carwashes in the area, as well as the prospect of establishing a franchise covering El Cajon, Santee, lakeside and La Mesa California cities.

Get your change elsewhere.

El Cajon, California market survey: most car washes in El Cajon are rundown and in a state of disrepair. Look at this coin-op change machine. It does work, but barely.

Out of Service

Here is an automatic roll-over which does not work at all. Still want to get a car wash in El Cajon?

You may remember El Cajon, California is where the city outlawed car wash fundraisers due to lobbying efforts from these car wash owners. Guess it backfired going against the community like that. Car washes in El Cajon, California is dying.


Here is a coin-op roll-over combination. It is for sale due to high energy costs and water shortages. Weeds are the official landscape with an occasional rock or two.

Car Wash

Here is a car wash with a very original name: "Car Wash." This car wash does have at least one customer. Coin-op washes charge $3.50 in El Cajon. But, you gotta do it yourself!

All American Car Wash

Here is an all American car wash in El Cajon, but nobody's home.  Where is everybody??

How long do you have to wait to get help?

Here is Romeo's Car Wash, with at least one guy who loves it there. We waited 30 minutes and there was only one other customer there. Romeo took the day off. Oh Romeo, oh Romeo where for art thou? Looks like Romeo is not long for this world, time for Wash Guys to revolutionize.

Exxon Car Wash

Here are three policemen arresting a girl at a Exxon car wash in El Cajon. Perhaps she was conspiring to wash cars at a car wash fundraiser. She received free room and board, valet parking and now lives in a gated community with armed security and three free meals a day.