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Driggs, Idaho

Driggs, Idaho is a cool little town growing high end with lots of yuppies moving in and buying up property there. Also nearby within 3 miles is Tetonia due to it's view of the three giant Teton Peaks in Yellowstone National Park. Tetonia and Driggs has nearly 6,000 in the area now, making it a viable location for a WashGuy Franchisee to service. Just check out the view of the snow covered Teton Peaks in the background on the Chamber's web site. 

The entire area is surrounded by farmland, fishing areas and parks, and the setting is awesome. Sure beat Los Angeles, Houston or Albuquerque, very little concrete in Driggs, just good folks, great food and scenery from heaven.

Driggs despite it's size had eleven high end great food restaurants for the high end traveler. If you ever go through, stop in for food. The prices are very reasonable for the high quality of gourmet food. You will not be sorry.