Our team visited the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant in Arizona. It is the largest Nuclear Power Plant in the Free World.

Approximately 2500 people work there. The electricity produced is put into the grid and does not necessarily supply Arizona.

This plant is expanding adding 6 new reactors for a total of nine, which will be up and running within two years.

Our founders grandfather was a Nuclear Physicist at SLAC-Stanford Linear Accelerator and we are pro nuclear power as a clean alternative to coal brining for electricity.

The electricity which powers the operational side of this plant does not come from the plant itself, but from SRP-Salt River Project Corp., which derives most of its electricity from hydro. This is a safety feature in case of a situation occurs at this plant.

This plant is state of the art and is said to be the safest nuclear power plant in the World. Adding more reactors is a plus because, nuclear energy is clean for the air and will help us reduce worlds global warming problems.