David Copperfield, considered the World's Greatest Magician, was able, with the help of his crew and four semi-trucks, to make the Car Wash Guys' Corporate Command Center disappear.  Notice: if you look real close, you can see a little yellow showing through.  We could not believe they were able to nearly make the entire Blitz Mobile disappear.  Wow!

0404_13.jpg (23234 bytes)

Here is a side profile of our unit parked alongside  of one of their four semi-trucks.  David Copperfield is the Car Wash Guys choice. We asked one of the chief crew members if they could make our competition disappear.  He said no problem, but they wouldn't do it.  They said we could do that ourselves.   We asked how, and he said "through good customer service and giving the people what they want."  We agree!  Thanks for the tip.  You guys are awesome.

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