In a lobbying effort to discuss water conservation and environmental issues, our founder visited Little Rock, Arkansas' State Capitol.  Our first franchisee in Arkansas is based in Little Rock and services both sides of the river, North Little Rock and Little Rock.  Little Rock, with 180,000 people, and North Little Rock, with 60,000 + people, is an extremely great market.  This is the capitol building where Bill Clinton served as Governor.  Little did anyone know that Bill would later become President of the United States.

The Capitol Building is actually smaller in length than our Mobile Command Center.  We suppose this was to save tax payers' dollars.  The building is beautiful, and the folks friendly.  Along with our visit we met with the Economic Development Association, Visitors Bureau and Chamber of Commerce.  We also signed up three new accounts for Kevin, our first Arkansas franchisee.  Kevin is the Car Wash Guy of North Little Rock and Little Rock, which are Bill Clinton's old stomping grounds.