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This is Lance Winslow III, our founder next to the bicentennial car wash truck.  The truck was built in conjunction with our countries 200th birthday and the Olympic Games.

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This is one of the many car wash fundraisers which are sponsored each week by Car Wash Guys Franchisees, in their local area.  On scene are 3 Car Wash Guys Teams, working in conjunction on this mega car wash fundraiser.  They washed 503 cars in 6 hours & raised just over $10,000.

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This is one of the original Car Wash Guys trucks before we started franchising.  Today this truck serves as our mascot.  This truck is also still in service in LaFayette, California.


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This 1955 Chevy truck can be seen daily up and down LaFayette Boulevard in Northern California and has become a permanent fixture in the town.


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This is Kim Ackroyd, mother of two, in her car wash truck on top of a 7 story parking structure in Woodland Hills California.  This was taken 8 years ago, while she was still an independent contractor before we began franchising.  Today she is still going strong.

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This is Ingrid Boyce in Camarillo California.  She is working late with one of her truck managers.   Ingrids older brother and younger sister both work with Car Wash Guys and Gals.   The majority of her team are alumni of BYU University.  

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This is Lance Winslow III, washing the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Van, hours before 5 former heads of state met in Simi Valley California at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.  This is the only time in US history, where 5 former US Presidents were all in the same room.  The Van had to be washed on an emergency basis, so they called The Car Wash Guys.

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This is one of many Car Wash Gals, which make up our team of franchisees.  Jennifer Kennedy has been with The Car Wash Gals for 7 years,  and is loved by all of her customers in Westlake Village California.  She recently converted her Independent contracting business to a full fledged Car Wash Gals Franchise. 

Meet Some of our original franchisees