Here is a letter from Lance regarding sponsoring a car wash fundraiser for the Thousand Oaks High School Wrestling Booster, and likely funds generated.  It's not often that person donating the time and resources takes the initiative in coordinating the event.

Dear Jim,

Re: Phone conversation Friday evening, 1/15/93.  

We talked about the T.O.H.S. Wrestling booster participating in the Conejo Valley Days Grand Marshall Race.  I believe we can substantially raise funds for your group with a "Car Wash Fundraiser".  Here is a brief prospectus of the amount of money that such an event might generate, assuming a $5 donation for each ticket.

# of Kids Selling # of Tickets per Kid Totals
Optimum 50 20 $5,000
Realistic 30 15 $2,250
20 10 $1,000

Out of the totals, off all moneys will go to T.O.H.S. Wrestling Booster, the other goes to Conejo Valley Days fund.  We will wash all cars at no charge.

We will not need wrestlers to help the day of the event.   Only to sell tickets.  I have talked with the school district office and they agree to let us use their facility and water.  The event will be in late March or April.

For every 5 tickets the wrestlers sell, they will receive a "Bonus Ticket."  Each Bonus Ticket they sell, they may keep the money!   If they sell all 20 tickets they make $20.  Basically the kids will not only help their own sport by earning revenue, they will also be paid $5+/hour through the "Bonus Tickets" to do it.  In addition they will help this community by making Conejo Valley Days a continued success in 1993.

Thank you for considering my offer to help the T.O.H.S. Wrestling Team and Conejo Valley Days.


Lance Winslow, III

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