Executive wash cars to start pledge drive
News Chronicle

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WESTLAKE VILLAGE - Fifteen GTE/Contel Federal Systems employees turned the tables on their bosses Thursday afternoon and got a clean car out of the deal.

Several executives, sprayer and rag in hand, cleaned the cars of the employees who were first to turn in their United Way pledges during this month's Pacesetter fund-raising drive, said Chairwoman Charlie Sharp.

The executives used water-efficient washers provided by The Car Wash Guys of Thousand Oaks in recognition of the area's drought conditions.  A Pacesetter company is the first to start the United Way's fund-raising efforts, Sharp said.  Area companies are designated each year to set an example by raising funds for United Way, a charitable organization.

Since GTE/Contel's annual United Way campaign kicked off on Aug. 19, the company's nearly 250 employees have contributed 1,859 pounds of canned food and raised about $50,000 in donations, Sharp said.  The food was contributed to Food Share Inc. of Oxnard.

In addition to a shot at having their car washed by the boss, employee incentives included trips to Las Vegas and San Francisco contributed by Conejo Valley travel agencies.

Even the head of the entire Westlake Village operation, Vice President and General Manager Horace Lindsay, took off his suit, put on a T-shirt and shorts, and washed several cars.

Reprinted from The News Chronicle,  1990.

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