Here is another letter of support from one of our loyal customers.  We have some of the absolutely best clientele!

m102.jpg (11213 bytes)Thousand Oaks City Council
City Hall
January 26, 1993


It has been brought to my attention that the local car wash owners are going to try to shut down the mobile car wash businesses within the city limits.  I am not well informed as to all of the reasons they will be giving to justify this shut down, however I am aware of the reasons I feel THE CAR WASH GUYS should be allowed to continue operating within the Thousand Oaks city limits.  They are as follows:

On any given weekend you can find one of THE CAR WASH GUYS' mobile wash trucks at a local high school campus - donated for a car wash fund raiser.

THE CAR WASH GUYS have in the past donated their trucks to several organizations for fund raising events; some of which include: T.O.H.S., Boy Scouts of America, N.P.H.S., Special Olympics, W.H.S.,  AIDS, Conejo Valley School District, Club Soccer, The Homeless, A.Y.S.O., and The Thousand Oaks Chamber of Commerce.

THE CAR WASH GUYS' car washing system conserves water by only using approximately 2 gallons per car washed.

THE CAR WASH GUYS' owner/operator LANCE WINSLOW is running for Grand Marshall for Conejo Valley Days 1993.  Approximately 20,000 tickets have been printed for this fund raising event by THE CAR WASH GUYS.  Several of the organizations listed above are participating in this ticket selling drive.  If all 20,000 tickets sell at $5.00 each that will mean $100,000.00 for our community. 

These reasons, combined with the added convenience of having THE CAR WASH GUYS come to our place of business is enough to make me want to voice my opinion on this matter.  I would like to see THE CAR WASH GUYS stay in business in and around our community.  I feel the good they do for our local organizations is of the utmost value to Thousand Oaks.


C. Michelle Dotson

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