Always wanting to be actively involved in the community, Lance participated in these economic round tables.   It was a great opportunity to express the needs of business to government officials.

Letter from Gray Davis' OfficeJanuary 25, 1993

Lance Winslow

Dear Mr. Winslow,

Over the past several years, California's status has been challenged by a number of economic forces.  These forces include the relocation of big businesses to other states, the inability of small businesses to effectively compete, and the record breaking number of unemployed workers who have migrated out of California to search for more stable and plentiful employment opportunities.

Although these obstacles have plagued our state for months now, they are not insurmountable.  We are confident that as the new year unfolds so will new strategies for revitalizing our state's ailing economy.

As Special Assistant to State Controller Gray Davis, one of my main responsibilities is to help organize state-wide economic round tables geared towards working out the problems of our stagnant economy.  By organizing and coordinating round table discussions, State Controller Gray Davis hopes to start a dialogue in various California counties intended to develop viable solutions to this problem.  The first of these meetings will be held in Ventura on Wednesday, February 3.  State Controller Gray Davis will be sending a follow-up letter with particulars, including the location and time of the round table.

I am looking forward to working with you and other active members of your community to achieve this goal.  Through commitment and continuing interaction, we can create new jobs and eventually restore California's economy.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.


Jim Dantona
Special Assistant

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