We are proud to see so many of our customers assisting us with our fight against City Hall.  Here is a letter to the editor of the News Chronicle that one of our clients wrote.

Letter to the EditorFebruary 3, 1993

News Chronicle,
2595 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.,
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Dear Sir,

As long as mobile car wash businesses in the Conejo Valley do not pose a genuine threat to public health and safety, the outcome of the current battle between fixed and mobile car wash businesses should be decided in the marketplace and not in City Hall.

Notwithstanding the significant investment and tax contributions made by fixed car wash businesses to the local economy, there appears to be a market for low cost mobile car washing services that cannot be fully met by the fixed car wash facilities...for people who cannot afford the price or the time to visit a fixed car wash or for those whose business or lifestyle values the convenience of a mobile car washing service.

Without competition and free enterprise none of us would be able to enjoy the freedom of choice we now have in the products we buy, nor would we be able to enjoy the diversity and convenience of business services such as cable TV, fast food, take-out, delivery, video, copier, business and mailing services to name a few that have sprung up over the past few years.

Instead of trying to stifle competition and free enterprise by encouraging government interference and more restrictions, perhaps the fixed car wash businesses in the Conejo Valley should expand their businesses to provide the mobile services which a segment of the public obviously wants and is prepared to pay for or consider making their existing businesses more competitive.

Further, without the sobering competition offered by mobile car wash units what's to stop the fixed car washes from raising their prices past the already exorbitant prices many of them are currently charging.

Mike Corbett

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