The Car Wash Guys have been supporting local colleges for years.  We definitely followed up by issuing come gift certificates for employees.  It certainly is great to see that people appreciate our services.

Letter from Pierce CollegeDecember 3, 1992

Mr. Lance Winslow III
The Car Wash Guys/Gals

Re: Improving the Environment

Dear Lance:

As part of Pierce College's ongoing effort to improve our environment and create a better place in which to live and work, the school would like to offer incentives to its employees participating in carpool or rideshare programs.

As a local service that is popular with our staff, it will be a valuable inducement if merchandise or a gift certificate from Car Wash Guys/Gals was included in periodic drawings.  Such incentives will expand interest in both your organization and this plan.

In exchange for your generosity, all of our nearly 1,100 employees will receive a flyer listing each business participating in our program.  In addition, we will post notices in our campus Mail Room and employee lounges.  We will also distribute a list after each drawing announcing winners their prizes, and upcoming prizes.  Whenever a gift is mentioned, the donor company's name will be prominently displayed.

Unfortunately, budget constraints make it impossible for Pierce College to purchase anything other than basic institutional necessities.  Therefore, we must look beyond our campus to support this endeavor.

If you want to join in our effort to improve our environment while publicizing your business, please return the enclosed card.  For additional information, please call (818) 719-6446.

Thank you for your attention.  We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Carol Fox
Administrative Staff Assistant

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