Here is a "contract" with each student involved in the Newbury Park High School Band Car Wash-A-Thon.   Employing a contract likes this helps build commitment to the event from all participants.

m58.jpg (18811 bytes)CAR WASH-A-THON RULES

Each week for three weeks, students will strive to obtain at least 30 pledges from a specific sector of the community.  Additional pledge sheets are available at the band room.  All pledges are welcome, however, only those that are at least $.05 or more per car will be eligible to be counted for awards involving numbers of pledges (most number, 100% of weekly goal, grand prize based on percent of goal).  All prizes will be awarded based on pledge dollars collected and turned in on time.  I understand the above conditions and agree to abide by them.

08/20/90 Student signature ________________________

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