Chatsworth Chamber of Commerce
Business Connection

February 1992

Dear Editor:

I hear it every day.  Business owners large and small complaining about a recession.  I tell them I don't participate in recessions.  Sometimes I say, "what's a recession? Which way did it go?   Does it have fur?  Four legs?"  They usually laugh a little then get very serious.  "Business is down 15-25%, I've tried everything."  I repeat my statement, "I don't participate in a recession, but I do participate in the Chamber of Commerce."  I believe the Chamber adds credibility to myself and my business.  It makes me part of something big.  I think my Chamber membership is probably the best investment I've made this year.

People and businesses like to do business with me because I'm a member.  The Chatsworth Chamber has a lot to offer.  Businesses that are already members should go to functions, get involved, have fun and increase profits.  By increasing your sphere of influence, through grass roots marketing and personal sales, you can build a stronger clientele.  Stronger than any so-called recession.  It worked for me.  I started the year with four trucks, and now have 28 mobile car wash units.  I'm only 27 years old and if I can do it, other business owners can too.  Get involved and stay involved because, "winners never quit and quitters never win."

Lance Winslow II, CEO/President
The Car Wash Guys

Chamber Chatter

Lance Winslow of the Car Wash Guys dropped by the Chamber Office with some new flyers for his portable car wash services,   Supporting not only water conservation but improved air quality, Lance is now involved with the Ride Share program, with employers funding car washes for car pool vehicles.  Great job, Lance!

Reprinted from Chatsworth Business Connection, February 1992.

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