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Dear Janet,

I was at my bookkeeper's house last night going over my 1099's for the year and signing tax forms.  About half way though the 24 pages of schedules I was reflecting another successful year.  I must say a good part of our success is due to the Westlake Chamber.

Two of my most successful crews are the Car Wash Gals (Leslie and Tracy) and the Car Wash Guy (Chris Hamel).  Isn't it interesting that both of these crews operate in Westlake.  We have tripled our volume in Westlake in one year.   That is unbelievable, we are suppose to be in a recession.

Due to my involvement with the Westlake Chamber we have picked up fleet accounts with General Telephone (3,500 + vehicles), GTEL (100 + vehicles), Ventura Cablevision (88 vehicles), Westwind Express (18 vehicles), Westridge Security (10 cars) ad two days ago Volkswagen of America (10 cars per day).  That's not all - we have been well received at the Westlake Medical Center, Westlake Golf Course, The Landing, Amgen, Jafra, Delphi, Fred Sands Realtors, Joan Young Realtors, Liberty Mutual, etc.

Last year I thought the Westlake Chamber would be too stuffy for me; instead, it was just the opposite.  Westlake and the Westlake Chamber have some of the nicest people in the whole world.  I wonder, as I franchise this business all over the country, if I'll ever find a nicer place to do business - I really don't think there is one.

Before I left my bookkeepers home she held up a bill.   "What about this one?"  It was my renewal notice for your Chamber.   I smiled as I signed the check.  "This one gets paid before the phone bill."

Thanks for everything,

Lance Winslow

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